Personal Portfolio Page done :)

Hi everyone!

So here is my Portfolio challenge done :blush: Could you please have a look? I’d appreciate any feedback/help!

Thanks already!


Great! How did you get that dotted background for the project tiles!

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Ah thank you! :blush:
Wish I could say I came up with it but I didn’t, it was here :slight_smile:


It works really well with the projects. Your portfolio is great.

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Thanks so much!! :slight_smile:
Anything you think is missing/could be improved?

More content would be great.

your li > a had value of font-weight: 300. is it because it feel cramped when the font-weight is higher than 300? if so check out letter-spacing

CSS letter-spacing property (

the animation looks nice, but I think it will look better, if there is the illusion that the mouse in the picture is controling its movement. adding animation-timing-function should be enough to do the trick.

padding-top in .hero would be better if it’s padding-block, because in mobile version the photo come too close to the text.

all of my points are matter of opinion, they don’t deny you did good job, and you should be proud.

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“I’m an aspiring web developer.”

You’re already one. Good job on your portfolio.

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I love it. I would check with the chrome web-dev editor (inspect) to test the responsiveness and maybe do a bit of research on @media queries and setting parameters (with min-max) for mobile viewing, but this is something i’m trying to learn myself so i think it comes with experience. It looks great!

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I’ll add some more after I complete more projects :grinning:

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Hi @Sboony,
Thanks so much for your suggestions and feedback, I’ll be sure to work on those! :blush:

Regarding the font-weight: 300 I used it because I actually imported the same font in two different weights - 300 and 500 - and wanted to go with the 300 in this case. I’m not sure if that’s the cleanest way of doing it, maybe I could have imported only one of them and still adjust the font-weight anyways but because google fonts offers a handful of different font-weights I decided to import more than one :sweat_smile:

Hi @xynoan,
Thank you for your encouraging words, really appreciate it! :heart:

Hi @Philip_B,
Thanks very much for your feedback and suggestions, I’ll be working on those! :smiling_face:

Looks really good! I love the bouncing kitty-laptop

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Thanks so much @Nando-Mercy! :blush:

Looks great! Well done!

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Thank you @Ghymen! :grinning:

Wow!! Loved it!! you have such a lovely design taste. Found all your work really inspiring :slight_smile:
All the best :star2:


Hi @deetigupta8!
Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it!! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It looks really good. Keep it up

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