Personal Portfolio Page

Hello Everyone,

Please review my personal portfolio page and give me feedback. Your feedback will help me be a better developer.




On mobile, your bottom social icons crowd quite a bit.

Your menu doesn’t seem to have a background, and it drops down the left side of the page instead of the right.

I love the placeholder images, though. Hope this helps!

Hey there. You’ve got a great start here! Your links work and you’ve got the basic template from the sample down.
A few things I suggest:

  • Become very familiar with bootstrap. Understand how to use the grid-system, containers, and some of the helper classes like the button classes.

  • Do you best to make your website mobile friendly. You may need to read a few articles on responsive web design to get the gist. Basically, you want a website that functions well on any device/screen size(with a priority on mobile devices).

  • Add your own spice to the mix. You could rearrange the layout to what you like, add your own javascript, try to add something cool that you saw on another website. Whenever I approach a project, I like to take things one step further than what the project asks. It helps push me to expand my knowledge and also makes the project more personal/unique.

Keep up the great work! :smile_cat:

Hey! Great start!

Strictly based on the desktop design of the page I have a couple of suggestions.

  1. The color palette could use a bit more work. Going into color theory might be a bit early, but there are great sites out there that you can pick a good color palette from and work from there. My favorite is

  2. I feel like there’s a bit too much going on in the header. The color is a part of it. When I first landed I had trouble figuring out where exactly I should focus on due to a lack of clear visual hierarchy. My suggestion would be to put a gradient on the header image to darken it so that your header text becomes easier to read.

  3. Hovering over the buttons make them zoom in but also slightly push the other buttons to the side. The sudden movement is a bit jarring and may be better for user experience if fixed.

  4. Maybe consider centering the about section and the project grid section?

  5. Some more consistent margin between the sections may also improve the flow of the site.

The responsiveness is solid aside from the issue with your contact section mentioned above. Good start and I hope this helped a bit!

@PortableStick, Thanks so much. Please suggest to me how to correct the above.

@jinrawx, Thanks so much for the encouragement.