Please help me clear my mind

Hello! I’m just echoing what others have nicely said: don’t listen to your cousin. Maybe despite his seeming success, he is just a frustrated person who needs to bring others down to feel better, because really successful people don’t need to make others feel bad to feel good. There is no right age to start learning something new, I hope I’ll continue learning new things even when I’m in my 70’s: :smiley: . I’m also in my 30’s and decided to start coding last year. I work with marketing and decided to have a change in my career and return to a university classroom. I’m currently studying Computer Science, and there are many people in their 30’s, 40’s, and even one in her 50’s in my class! I know it’s harder to learn something new when we are in our 30’s because we don’t have the same free time we used to have when we were younger, but with the proper motivation and good time management, everything is possible. Don’t let anyone say you can’t or demotivate you. There are also some advantages to learning in maturity, you are more experienced, you are more responsible. I used to be very bad at maths back in school, but now I’m doing fine with math courses at my university, because I’m more mature at studying than I was when I was a teenager. Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a great way to dive into the coding world, we should start from scratch, and mastering these basic building block technologies is a valuable skill to have. Friendly advice: get rid of people who make you feel bad about yourself and surrender yourself to people who lift you up. It will do wonders for your mental health. Best of luck in your transition!

Ignore the noise. You have 43 years left to do your thing.

I’m 45 and just started learning Cloud Computing with the goal of becoming an AWS Solutions Architect. And I will reach my goal no matter what !

Keep on learning !!!

You will accomplish your thing !!!

GO, GO, GO, GO !!!

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I think your cousin fears, that his “fake-it-until-you-make-it-mindset” will come to light :smiley:

Dont get demotivated bro, show him and the rest of the world, that you can do it.

There are so many people who start late careers. It depends on you. Do you WANT to work in tech industry or not. Try to not look at other people, and listen to your inner self.

You’re not alone, let’s break societies expectations, we have these one life to live, learning to learn is lifelong journey… :pray:

I’m actually inspired by your story. I’m in the process of a career change as well putting in about a couple hours per day.
I would like to know how you’ve progressed over the 3 months? @kedar.agate

The thing for me is availability of tons of resources for learning hampered my progress. I started with html, css from youtube videos and completed (I have working knowledge not fully fledged in html, css) it within 20 days or so. Then I have started finding resources for learning Javascript, and started learning it from freecodecamp and when I came to functional programming topic I lost my confidence. Then I jumped to udemy and I am at midway of javaScript. Then I heared from youtube that I need good problem solving skills and dsa to build logic. Then I started solving problem on hacker rank and on the first problem itself I am stuck right now. Then I have left that idea. And now I am trying to learn by doing small projects like background color change through DOM manipulation and counter project. My learning is bit scattered all over and I have lost motivation. I think for my style of learning I need mentor to guide me whenever I get stuck.
Things work differently for different people. Now I am thinking that I could learn better through books or through joining any institution.
But the real truth is too much of learning resources hampered my learning for sure.
But I will be right back on the track. Because I dont have other option because I lost motivation in my current job also.
But important thing to note here is I have not lost my learning consistency. I am spending 2hrs daily.
And I welcome you to the journey.

I would say… he might be right. But 33 is still not too bad. I am 41, and am learning so I have some better skills to put on my resume. But I only have 45 min per day to dedicate to learning JS. So it will take me a while. These situations are always better for younger folks. I say, treat it like a hobby, and who knows, maybe you could get good enough to get paid.

Hi, I left my job 2 weeks ago to go into tech. Nobody knew about that even my husband.

I am 37 and my previous job had no connection (primary education) and I was thinking that everyone would say “No, you are old to risk and start something that you have no idea”. But from the first day I started, I loved what I was doing.

I applied for a scholarship, gave exams and yes I have been offered a place. Then, I let everyone know about my transition and they told me well done!

It’s never too late!

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@smpezert wow, sounds like you took a risk, but glad that worked out well for you!

Congrats on the new job! You are living proof that it is very possible! Thanks for sharing that.