Portfolio Change

Any feedback (very constructive criticism) would be very appreciate it.

Thanks in advance to All.

Hello! I would suggest you to make buttons in the top right corner a little bit larger. Very nice page by the way! :grinning:

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I would make the cards much smaller, have them in a row. They take too much real estate right now. The logo could be more defined. It’s also not very noticeable being white on white when the navbar is fixed at the top.

thank you both for the advice

I agree with @zivaev, the buttons on the landing page could be a little bigger, and I don’t like the font - the landing area also feels like it could use something else on it, maybe move the logo to the center, or add something in the center, not sure what - I’m wondering if those three cards would look better if they were all the same height - the blue/white background image in the middle section is nice, but there’s that hard line at the top of it. I think it would look better if it faded in like the bottom of the image - the nav doesn’t quite feel right, when it pops back in on the upscroll there’s a little delay before the text shows up, it’s nice, but it feels like it could be a little better - the transitions on the project/card flip/enlarge look real good and smooth, I don’t like the font on the x to close it, feels like an x and not a button - overall it looks real good, needs some more projects in the projects area

Thank you for such detailed criticism. I am working on it now.

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I don’t really have much feedback but I did want to comment on the awesome background videos and images. Looks great! :slight_smile: