Portfolio page bug or just me?

I just started the portfolio page project and followed the user story page and put in the id elements to make sure i can pass all the tests before i start designing.
I did pass all the tests but when i add more than one page link, test number 7 fails. Is it just me and my code and i can’t see my mistake?

Hi Vaughn, check your anchor elements . You’re not closing them correctly. You’re writing:

<a href="#profile-link">Profile<a/>
When it should actually be:
<a href="#profile-link">Profile</a>

Tip: Use CodePen’s built in HTML validator to check for HTML errors. It’s not entirely accurate, but it can help to check for errors.

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It’s always a simple mistake that fools me. Thanks for the reply .

i got user story 12 as error even though i’ve linked them correctly. i got every other user story completed but only 12 as red error but i submitted it and fcc validated my completion. no problem?

There is no check when you put the link in FreeCodeCamp and submit, but if you don’t fix it you could be considered as violating your Academic honesty pledge

If you want help in fixing it create your own thread with a link to your codepen

seriously? alright. i literally plan to fix it anyways right before i saw ur comment anyways because i tested by posting a random codepen link on a javascript project solution box and it still passed meaning u dont have to pass all the user story to get it done which is a bummer. im gonna go seek help now :confused:

I just read on other forums posts about it… they say the test is bugged.

Which tests? The one in the FreeCodeCamp page? Or the one you are using in the codepen?

Because in the FreeCodeCamp page there is no test

im referring the portfolio page that im doing. the user story 7 its not passing and maybe its not bugged either because im not navigated to the sections when i click on my buttons take a look: https://codepen.io/Gerwyn/pen/axXpvp :confused:

<a href id="#welcome-section">Home</a>

This is your problem href id="#welcome-section", it should be like this href="#welcome-section".

Also, in your page, there are some other problems as well. You can click on the top arrow down then choose Analyze HTML, and Analyze CSS to detect what’s not right.


the ids are fixed and i was so happy but it looks like the navigation still isn’t working my friend… if you click on the links they don’t navigate to the sections. could you please diagnose for me? i can’t find anything wrong myself

Actually it’s working, but your problem is that you made the welcome section position to be absolute with the height of 100% view height. On applying position: absolute, the element is removed from the normal document flow, so the project section of yours won’t be visible at all since it’s been overlapped by the welcome section. You can read more about position: absolute here. There are some other elements which seem to be cut off in the same way as well, you shouldn’t use position: absolute when you don’t need to. Another thing is that you should take a look at your HTML structure, I see many different elements with the same id, id should be unique (just have one in the same page).

take a look. its working now: https://codepen.io/Gerwyn/pen/JVzqgY