Portfolio with projects critique

Hi, I’m starting to apply for developer jobs and would appreciate some sincere feedback on my portfolio. I struggle with design, so i probably violated some cardinal rules. Any and all criticism or comments welcomed. Thank you!


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I like how you portfolio looks, but I want to point two things I noted.

On the first div, as you shrink the size of the window the Web Developer and Systems Analyst columns get longer and longer. That is natural and at some point the responsiveness will kick in and they will become one stacked column, which is good too. But before that, the text on the system analyst columns will overlap the round button with an arrow for quite a few time. Also, if you keep shrink after it becomes mobile-friendly, the text will again overlap the same button.

Second, the responsiveness on your project section is working weirdly. On the mobile-friendly layout, if will switch back and forth between the project boxes filling all the screen (looks good, I believe that is the intention) and the project boxes filling only the center and leaving behind a white background.

I am not sure how to fix it though, I myself am a beginner looking for inspiration for my first portfolio draft.

Thank you for looking - what browser were you using? I hadn’t seen those issues in chrome, but I was messing with navigation, and possibly introduced them.

Hey fellow Rhino! Thanks for commenting on my portfolio!

Here are some of my comments for you:

  • I like the details you listed for each project. Nice job summarizing and listing the tech used.
  • Overall design looks really good. At the very top of the page on the right side it feels a little too dark for black text.
  • I tried out your simon game and got an error. (Uncaught ReferenceError: webkitAudioContext is not defined - index.js 45).
  • I think the NFL chart tool is really cool and a nice display of your creativity and demonstrates inspired coding.
  • I also checked out your data visualizations (https://genestd.github.io/dataviz/). Overall, really nice job. The first chart that loads is the meteor strike chart and I noticed that it runs really slowly on my macbook air.

One thing that @P1xt once posted was a few ways to check your pages for speed that I’ve started using.

I’d recommend running through each of your projects through these checks:



I was using Chrome too. Today one of the problems seems to be fixed, but the texts still overlap a bit.

I am including an image of it:

@Ghatti, i appreciate your comments and the picture. There was definitely an issue with the media queries causing that white space. Looks like I need a little more tweaking around the icon.

@jonathonwmaddison - I definitely use the pagespeed tool and w3 validator for all my projects. I also experienced the slowness of that animation, but haven’t put any effort into tracking it down. I guess I should.

Thanks guys!