Practising Your Skills?

So, I’m fairly new around here - I’m still working my way through the tail end of the CSS tutorials - but my question is this: Do you guys practice what you’ve learned in the tutorials on a regular/daily basis outside of free code camp? If so, where do you source practice exercises? Or do you just open up your chosen editor and play around with what you’ve learned so far?


Yeah, I pretty much play around… Nothing hardcore or anything… Recently I’ve been experimenting with bootstrap on my Tribute page.

I’ve had a lot of chances to practice once I got to the intermediate/advanced front end development projects. The projects they have are pretty fun to code and just by using google to research for solutions to the projects have taught me a tremendous amount. I’m on the last project, build a Simon game, and it’s been a blast. Thanks FCC!

Yeah I just played around in a text editor, as ideas came into my head. I’d be like, “I wonder if I can do this” and then I’d just look up different ways of doing it. I learned a lot of different rules and tricks by doing this. Basically just trial and error, really.
Nothing like your own curiosity as a teacher. Happy coding!

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I normally open fiddle in another tab and practice by typeing some HTML then binding that HTML with the CSS. If you look to the left under external sources it allows you to add stylesheets. So you could add bootstrap, font awesome, etc. CodePen is a good practice area but I use it to build projects instead of messing around with code.

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When I learn something new I always go and build something with it. I use cloud9,, or codepen to practice what I’ve learned and deepen my knowledge by researching and trying to figure out things on my on.

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I try to recreate the sites I visit the most… Facebook, Google ect

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I designed some simple websites to practice. I think the best way to learn is by practising

Here is an article I wrote that may help you out.

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I on the contrary to some practice here on FCC while outside mostly learning theory on computer science, data science and so on. It’s a good way to get back in business after reading a lot of outside stuff. But yeah if there’s time I do some java library digging and try to write a simple program. Generally that helps.