Preview of my portfolio! Created with Angular, Firebase, and Three.js!

Update 2: Alexio has kindly done a review on my project on his YouTube channel! Please show him some support by viewing and watch me get a little roasted. :laughing:

Update: I just finished with the mobile responsiveness! Please take another look! As for performance, this will be my next on the to do list. Sorry for any inconvenience regarding that for now! Anything else, please let me know if there’s still something I could improve. Thank you!

Hello again! I gotta say… This has been so much fun to create! I think I’m almost done with the bulk of it I just need to…

  1. add videos
  2. style media queries
  3. create my resume

And then I’ll be making 1 or 2 more apps then perhaps try my luck in applying! What do you guys think? Please do let me know. Any critiques also accepted. I think it really helps polish my stuff. Just don’t laugh too hard at my nerdy design. :rofl:

Edit: Just a heads up - my Firebase reached its quota for storage. I’m not sure what the limit was but all it means is that my project images will not be working for now. Sorry about this!


Damn girl, your portfolio is awesome!!!
Have nothing to say, but really awesome!:slight_smile:

Just make menu navigation in the right bottom more visible, that’s my only wish :slight_smile:

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Hey, Tyroni, thanks so much for checking it out! Ecstatic to hear you like it! :grin:

And that’s an easy fix! I’ll definitely put the opacity a bit higher. I was actually worried it would be too distracting. Thanks for the suggestion! :+1:

Your website is so dope! You inspired me on studying more in web development! Thank you!

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I feel very inspired and impressed seeing your website. I’m beginner, but for me it looks very professional.

Especially I liked your blackjack game, I just spend 20 mins playing it :slight_smile:

Keep it up Cara!

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Actually - thank you! Hearing stuff like this is truly motivating! Although, I’m really glad to hear that my stuff can be inspiring! That’s what I want to keep striving for. Let me know if I can help you through your journey! Good luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Even if you’re a beginner, your input is important to me! I want to be able to look professional as much as possible. Haha. Thank you!

And if you’d like to take the path I took in learning, my profile has a link to my Udemy with all the great courses I took to be able to create this! Hope you succeed in your ambitions. Thanks so much for viewing my portfolio!


Hey Cara,

I think I am lucky that I got to see your website. That awed me.
Your website had a very positive, huge influence on me. I am new to this and hope that you become a mentor for people like me. I wish you good luck succeeding!

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I’m surprised how much it inspired you all. It’s music to my ears! :heart: Yes, if I can help, I will try. Nowadays I have way too much free time anyway. Thanks a bunch for everything!


Your website is really inspiring, I would love to build one too. For a begineer, where would you suggest to start?

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Thanks for checking it! I’m so happy to be able to inspire! :smiley:

I’ll tell you what… When I started, I took the HTML, CSS, and JS courses here. They’re very useful for getting used to the syntax! Get yourself pretty familiar with that and then practice your logic a bit more on sites like CodeWars! And then, I would dive even deeper on JS by taking Jonas’ course on Udemy then start building little projects by yourself. You can find his courses on my list here. Keep building projects until you feel comfortable to move on to either a backend language or a frontend framework. This is the path that worked for me, but remember there are a lot of ways to learn. You have to find what your learning style is. But I hope sharing my path helps you! Good luck and enjoy the journey as well! :wink:


Hi Cara, I’m new to coding (front end web development precisely) So far, I have learned Html, CSS and now learning Javascript. As a mum of two adorable toddlers(ages 1 and 3), it’s not been easy and the thought of starting my portfolio freaks me out, just looking at your project has turned on my motivation and confidence to keep going until I become my best! Thanks for sharing this amazing piece

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Hi Winnybelle, thanks for viewing my work and I can’t be more glad you liked it! And aww… Your babies are so young! They are to be cherished! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: JS is so much fun to learn. All the advice I can give is to not feel discouraged if you can’t get it the first time… Just keep trying and googling a lot - some day it will get easier! I wish you good luck in your journey! If you need any help in coding, please dont’ be afraid to message me. I can try. :smiley:


Thank you for your words of encouragement :slight_smile:

Coding has been very difficult at the beginning, but now it’s getting more comfortable and fun for me.

My first big goal for now it is to create a Blackjack Game like yours.

What would be best way to achieve it?

Follow path you listed in a post down here?

Is there a faster/better way?

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If you want to make a simple game like black jack, all you really need to learn is HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can start here at FCC and finish the courses till Javascript. And then take the Udemy Javascript course by Jonas. Once you feel comfortable with it, try creating a simple game by yourself. Map out the logic and take it one step at a time. :wink:

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I’ll definitely try it once I completed those courses.

To map out the logic means to write it down?

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Yes. Personally, I do bullet points. And just remember, if you ever get frustrated, just take a break then try again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Your site looks good! But in my opinion it’s too heavy for browsers :slight_smile:


Thank you! I guess I’m a bit spoiled with the PC I have… I’ll have to look into it’s performance with all kinds of PCs! Thanks for viewing! And btw, I just recently updated the mobile responsiveness. When you get the chance, please take another look! :smiley:

@CaraLagumen It took a while but I did a review of your project! Let me know if you like it :smiley:

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