Projects for responsive web design

Please, how can I re-write the projects given at the end of the course? I didn’t understand the process in the beginning and l ended doing the wrong thing and was told l didn’t pass to enable me get the certificate.


On each project page, there is a link to the boilerplate CodePen pen.

  • Use the link to open the boilerplate
  • Near the bottom right of the page (on CodePen) there is a button that says “Fork” - click this (you will need to be logged into a CodePen account to save this)
  • The boilerplate includes a script within the HTML section of the pen, which allows you to run the fCC tests based on the user stories.

Hope this clarifies

  • Now, you are able to follow the user stories, and complete your project

I did exactly that, but did it the wrong way. Thanks for your prompt response. It really helped.