Pushing my Repl code challenges to GitHub. Change my mind not too

I have few code challenges I did for an application to a boot camp. I was thinking of posting them to my GitHub to show progress over the next year.

  1. Will this increase or decrease my employability? As in recruiters rigidly judging my tech ability

  2. How do I even get my code from repl to GitHub?

  3. If the repos I create on GitHub aren’t of pristine high level code am I just wasting my time?

  4. At what time in the coding journey is Github (version control) a critical component of establishing one’s self as a software dev?

I’d put them on GitHub just to practice and get more comfortable with version control software. Everyone with code on GitHub has some code on GitHub that isn’t perfect.

I doubt it will make a difference either way.

I believe that you can link your GitHub profile directly to repl.it

The point of GitHub isn’t to showcase perfect code. It’s for storing code that you are working on.

When it becomes useful for you.