Resume/Portfolio review +advice please

Hi there, would someone be able to review my resume and portfolio? I’ve been applying for jobs for a couple weeks and haven’t gotten anything yet. I did expect that though. This the first time I’ve needed a resume for a job though, so I’m confident with it.

Further, I’ve been applying for remote jobs in the UK, because I’m from Canada and need work I can do starting very early in the morning. I’ve put this in the little cover letter you right on Indeed, but I’m not sure what the best approach is. I’ve heard HR people don’t like unusual applications, so that not good. The only feedback I’ve gotten so far was to double down on React and build more complex projects–I believe the fellow said to talk to the company again that point, other than that I’ve gotten some rejections.

Anyways: here’s my cv and my portfolio site.

I like the color choice, it looks nice, but it would be better if you could tell a little more about yourself and your skills.

thanks, I’ll try to add a bit more

HI @Voyageur !

I think it is a good start but I agree that the projects could be a little more complex.

For the Whirl Creek Farm, I think it would look better to have some actual images instead of this.

Also, I think you should add the ability to remove items from the shopping cart right in the cart itself.

For the pomodoro clock, I would remove the body tags because those are not needed for codepen. I would also remove the FCC comments in the html section.

Hope that helps!

Good luck!

Thank you so much, I really the advice.

Sure no problem.

I would also look into these articles on how to write resumes that get noticed.

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Yeah, I think I really have to get onto building some better projects. My plan going forward is to build some MERN stack stuff, and then, if I still haven’t gotten anywhere, look into C#. I’ve seen a lot C# jobs, and I don’t think its nearly as popular for learners as JS.

I think it is hard to land that first job.
There is so much competition for junior level jobs.

I would read up on people who recently got hired in the #career section or #motivation sections of the forum.

@sitek94 is one of the most recent people who studied with FCC and just landed a job. I love the advice he gives and I love his portfolio.

I would also read up on @kevinSmith 's advice on how to get that first dev job.

Keep learning and building! :grinning:

Thanks will definitely look into there stories. I’ve be listening to people talking about there experiences on the fcc discord as well.

Resume-wise, I would delete the “laid off” part from your work exp (can address that later if needed). Also I don’t think the “other” section adds anything. I’d also suggest reverse chronological order (most recent first) and some description of what you did (that could be relevant such as managing multiple tasks/projects, working with people, etc). And since all your work is not relevant to the field you’re applying for, maybe put the portfolio or certificates higher?

Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for.

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