Resume review and advice please

I am currently a senior undergraduate and I am looking for a job in software engineering but I am not a computer science major. Could you please take a look and help me with it. Thanks.

Do you want to work in an office or remote?
If remote forward me your email I add you to a hiring platform.

I was recently in an interview for a job(I knew I couldn’t get it but I wanted to know what they ask) and here is what I summarized;

Most wanted languages/frameworks(according to Turing Developers):
Node.js, Python, React

I was advised to create a strong online presence on platforms like GitHub, Stack overflow, Codewars and Hackerrank. Contributions made on OpenSource is fancied a lot. that’s your GitHub Que.
Data structures and algorithmic questions are asked and considered as logic tests.
Your one on one coding has to be GOOD because on all I had to do a one on one challenge (This skill can be improved on Codewars and Hackerrank).

Hiring platforms to join for SoftDev jobs:
Turing Developers(Recommended Mostly)

Provide email to forward it to another hiring platform that is good and encourages inviting others.

As someone who has screened a TON of resumes:

  1. What skills do you actually know? I have to look through every piece of your resume to get an idea of what you know. Even then I only see Python as a programming language, some DevOps tools. I understand that you’re not a CS student, but when I look at the GitHub repos that you have created I see 9 repos which cover Python, HTML, CSS, Jupyter. I only see Python on your resume, not these other skills.

  1. Your attention to detail, like writing “python” instead of “Python”, and missing or extra commas in sentences. I’d clean up the text on the page so things are consistent. Also, bullet points get their name from being fast and impactful. They should not be complete sentences, and do not have to be grammatically correct. They should also not wrap to another line. Try to limit their length to 2/3’s or 3/4’s of the width of the page. You list tools for your most recent experience, which tools did you use for your other experience?

  1. You have projects and open source, but I have no way to look at it to evaluate how well you can actually write code, I had to go to your GitHub to look at your repositories to try to locate them, and then I only found “deepchem”. If you list a project on your resume, it should be one of the “pinned” repos on your GitHub profile so employers can find them easier. You don’t seem to have a repo for TweetMapper.

  1. I really like the quantified information you have on the page, with percentages and numeric data.

  1. Your extra-curricular information could probably be left off of the resume, unless it’s relevant information to the company where you’re applying for work. If they build RC cars, controlled by Python, then it’s relevant experience and could even be listed as a whole project, for example.

In a nutshell, you need to list projects and technologies that are MOST relevant to whichever job you’re applying to. You’ll never make one “perfect” resume that you could send to every single job. If you were applying for a Python role with some DevOps needed, then this would be an okay resume, but could still be changed a little to better show your skills.

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Thanks, I will look into it and make the appropriate changes.