Struggling/Misunderstanding with JavaScript

Hi there
So I have been going through the javascript tutorials and although I seem to have grasped the fundamentals of the language in terms of studying but I can’t seem to be able to properly execute it in code.
Tell me to write up code to create pop ups and basic animations I can do.
But I can’t seem to do what I see in a lot of websites such as:

For example, I can’t figure out how to make the nav that appears after a certain amount has been scrolled or to make animations on scroll such as fade or flip effects or hide and reveal elements on scroll.

I don’t understand where I could be going wrong. I have passed all the tests on the curriculum.

I feel I need more practical and interactive lessons to help understand how to better apply animations using JS
Can anyone help me with this regard?

I’m a css & html newbie, but animation effects sounds like a CSS functionality

Css can be used for animations, JavaScript offers a lot more tho

I absolutely agree.
CSS offers some animations such as transformations and transitions.
But JS offers a larger variety, and much more complex animations which is what I was asking about

That a lot more tho is what I am asking about

I was answering to the other user…

The only interactive lessons on animations that I have done are on Khan Academy, they may be too basic for you maybe - or they can give an other perspective, maybe take a look at those

Thanks I will have a look at that

I often compare programming with speaking a language.
People are obsessed with studying the grammar and become experts in it but when it’s time to communicate, they can’t put two words together. If you want to learn how to talk you need to …well…talk. The basic language that learn at the beginning of your journey is just that: the beginning!

So you are not doing anything wrong quite the opposite! You understood that mastering the grammar is not enough and you want to talk more!
If you haven’t done it yet, you could search online lists of projects you can do. I myself have been compiling a bunch of them, I haven’t checked them out yet but it could be useful, I don’t know, let me know: