Stuck on Intermediate Front End Development Projects

Trying to finish these projects but ran into problems.

Local Weather -

  • I tried to get the images to work depending on fTemp but no good.

Twitch API -

  • Clicking on FCC is OFFLINE/ONLINE brings me to a blank white page and some sites I go to with that tab acts really weird (tried,, xfinityspeedtest).

Regarding your images problem:

Not all your image links are linking to actual images. Also, imgur is preventing you from using their images like that. You can check out the network panel in dev tools and see that if you were to try to use their images, the status code for the image request is 403 Forbidden. If you aren’t familiar with the network panel, dev tools needs to be open in order to see network requests.

I suggest you find some images from royalty free sites and host them on Cloudinary.