The challenge step are quite high


I went throught the html and css camp. It was easy like

I’m at challenge 2 and I look at the example code and there is no way I could code something like this without inspiring myself of the example code. I get most of how the code in the example work. Struggling a little to understand why using that much of class and id if all the page content fit in a container.

I’m I the only one who think the step is quite high?

Hello @Lufk, welcome to the forum.

Balancing the learning curve has always been a major concern and is something constantly working upon from the contributor.

As per the classes and ids, those are sometimes used for testing.
My suggestion for a more broad learning experience would be to make a version that satisfy the test constrains,
and then a new one as you want/know. This way you can learn why certain things are made that way, or your personal way to achieve a solution.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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