Travel itinerary project idea. Need help with technologies to use

Okay, so I’ve been looking for a tool to help my friends and I plan a holiday. We are hoping to save an itinerary with a road trip, flights, accommodation, notes. But also as a board to add links and social media posts to give us say restaurant options when we are on the trip.

I know there are tools out there like Tripit, TripCase, Travefy, etc. But each of them seems to fall short in different areas and my brain instantly started churning up my ideal tool.
And as a front end Dev with really good experience with HTML & CSS, I figured it would be a cool project to build my own tool.

But I don’t know where to start!
I have a little JS experience but only for simple front end interaction and flourishes on websites, rather than thorough knowledge to build objects and all that jazz.
But I know it won’t be simple, as I want the tool to have the ability to:

  1. Have a timeline/itinerary view
  2. Add activities to the timeline
  3. Add a road trip on a map and have the map show the actual driving route
  4. Add flight details with our booking details
  5. Either have all four of us log in to one interface to use it, or alternatively have each of us have our own logins, so we can all be on at the same time.

So I’m looking for recommendations on easy to learn technologies to get started.

  1. Is there a framework I need to learn?
  2. I’m willing to learn but I’m not looking to learn React or Angular to build this. I am open to others joining me to help build this as a joint project though!
  3. Are there tools out there that would give me a user authenticated area where I can build the static version?

Any help would be appreciated!

Your first question asks if there’s a framework, but your second says you’re unwilling to learn a framework. ¯\(ツ)/¯ I suppose I can suggest Vue.js, but it’s about as complex as the other two you mention.

As for authentication, I recommend you try passport. I believe FCC covers using passport in the backend curriculum.

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Baaah, you’re completely right! I didn’t explain that very well.

I guess if anyone has suggestions of frameworks that would make this easier, I’d then go along the lines of posting for help to collab with people with expertise in the frameworks suggested.
In saying that, I’m not completely opposed to learning a framework, it’s just from previous experience of trying to get my head around more complex JS, I didn’t enjoy that too much and realised I wasn’t going to be interested in the application build side of development. U could be wrong, but I followed what most said at that time, which was to get an understand of the basics of JS and then it’ll be an easier jump to a framework.

Appreciate the suggestion of Vue.js.
Have heard it thrown around at work and interviews last year. So not Alien to it.
Will absolutely check Passport out too.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off so snarky… I would still recommend you give React a try though: it’s actually pretty simple, even with JSX in the picture. I find it about a dozen times simpler than Angular, though Angular does do a lot more out of the box. Still, Vue.js is getting a lot more popular now, so it’s worth learning (I don’t know Vue.js either).

One tip with React: it’s a lot easier to learn with pure functional components first, and I found it easier to comprehend by learning it alongside Redux. I suggest this redux tutorial series which will teach you a lot about React in the process. Certainly easier than React’s official tutorial IMHO.

Oh mate, I didn’t get any snarkiness from that at all :slight_smile:

Ahh cool. To be honest, I always thought it was would be best if I know how the tool worked but didn’t wanna stretch myself too thin with other responsibilities.
But, I’ll definitely take a look at that tutorial and try not to rush into this. I get the excitement is getting to me a little and I should take one step at a time. Learning a technology will probably work out best for me.

Do you mean navigation services or trip planners ? As for the navigation, I like Sygic and MapQuest; among trip planners I think Google Trips and ViaMichelin are rather good projects, and these two gained high popularity among users by the way.