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What else can I do to make this better?

Hi @yajatgupta1993,

HTML inspector:

  • Do not use lower levels to decrease heading font size:
<h1>Gary Vaynerchuk</h1>

MDN documentation:

Do not use lower levels to decrease heading font size: use the CSS font-size property instead.Avoid skipping heading levels: always start from <h1>, next use <h2> and so on.

h2–h6 elements must not be used to markup subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines unless intended to be the heading for a new section or subsection. Instead use the markup patterns in the §4.13 Common idioms without dedicated elements section of the specification.

Common Idioms

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

This looks pretty decent, you’re making use of classes, organizing your text and I like how you’re formatting and centering that image. Also, your html and CSS looks pretty good. I didn’t see anything that stood out as “odd”

That being said there are a few things I think you can do to improve the whole style of the project (or use in your next page). It’s usually helpful to place elements like text within div’s or article tags and then format them so that you don’t have text going from left to right all across the page, that type of styling looks a bit simple and old fashioned. Try using multiple columns or maybe centering the text and breaking up the page with images so it feels a bit more dynamic.

Look at websites you use daily and try to identify what looks good and why it looks professional, then try to do the same thing in your design, at the end of the day it’s all HTML and CSS (and a bit of Javascript probably).

Anyway, good luck and keep working!