What happens when you submit your Tribute?

I submitted the Tribute and Portfolio challenges today. Do we receive some sort of official feedback or pass/fail grade on these? What happens next? I guess I should do some additional searching on the site, but maybe someone who submitted a while ago can answer. Thanks!


As far as the freeCodeCamp website is concerned, it’s all kind of “honor system.” The feedback comes from community contexts–go to the Gitter chat room “Code Review,” paste your URL, and ask for feedback. I’d also recommend doing the same here and in your local Facebook group. It’s not graded–I think the pass/fail comes down to your own sense of being satisfied with it!

Oh, and you get the chance to make improvements to your projects and “resubmit” them at any time, right? I sure hope so, because I’ve discovered things since then that I’d like to incorporate, “when I have time.” :laughing:

Who are these “powers that be?” They definitely make it sound like the certifications will help us get a job, but it’s hard to see how the certification is worth anything if it’s totally based on the honor system and it’s possible that no one has ever graded one of your projects.

This is how it was when I was learning Networking at Cisco Academy. They give you a cert at the end of each semester (each semester is like a course on its own, analogous to FCC) but they mean nothing until the end when you get your CCNA or CCNP or whatever.

Thanks for the response. That makes sense - it’s not the certifications that are valuable, but rather the experience. And I guess if I go through the whole program, then I should have a pretty decent portfolio by the end to show my prospective employers.

Thanks again for the advice. Do you have any idea if, when they say the full program takes 2000 hours, they are talking about just their curriculum? Should I actually expect to spend twice as much time as that to fully learn everything?