Who was able to do javascript30

Hi guys,

I got rave reviews of javascript30 , just saw the first video…finding it hard to understand everything. Who else is in the same boat as me. Those who have been able to do it, can you please share your approach and also what your background is(i believe having some CS education or tech related exp helps in understanding)

thanks a lot

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I got to day 6 so not very far. It will teach you some nice techniques but I would say it is intermediate level.
I have been developing for years so nothing too difficult for me but there are new things I learned.

Ah! ok. I have done various tutorials on Javascript but the moment I sit down to create something I don’t know from where to start.
very frustrating. I need to be able to create something so that I can show in my portfolio.

Hey @goodgoof,
I managed to finish the JavaScript 30 challenge not too long ago. I have also uploaded my finished projects to my GitHub page,

I’d recommend reading up on ES6 before diving into most of the challenges, since that is the syntax used.
Feel free to ask questions regarding anything.

Good luck.

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@goodgoof JavaScript30 is built on a lot of ES6 concepts. You would need to learn quite a bit of ES6 to have an easier time with JavaScript30.

New const and let variables are used. Quite a few Array Methods are also used. And String Literals are used as well.

@Asjas I thought it could be done with pure vanilla javascript, atleast thats what it says on the website. Thanks for your response.

@TomerPacific Thanks for your response. I still trying to master vanilla js and will then look into ES6.

@goodgoof ES6 is still Vanilla. Just the latest version of it. React, Vue and Angular are libraries.

ES5, ES6 and ES7 are all versions of Vanilla JS. The thing is Wesbos doesn’t do a lot of ES5 in JavaScript30. You can solve it with ES5 your solutions will just look different.