MyPortfolio Site Feedback please?

Hi guys, I’m fairly new to the web development space, but have used my knowledge of Bootstrap, JQuery, CSS, and HTML to build this site for my portfolio. I know I’ve put a bit more than the minimum requirements of the Portfolio project, and I’ve also registered my own domain to it so I’m hoping it’ll capture the attention of potential employers. I am featuring all my freeCodeCamp projects in the Portfolio section. Can you please provide feedback on the functionality and ease of use of the site.

Here is the link:

Thanks in advance.

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I like what you are trying to do with the spinning cards/tiles for the different website sections. The problem is when you mouseover them, they move so fast that I can barely read the title and other text as they spin. It is not until I click on the cards/tiles that I finally know for sure what the content will be. To me, when you mouseover a tile, it should show the title and then when the grey part spins around, it should have the white text which is only visible for a fraction of a second. The skills tile has almost a paragraph of text, but I can only make out the first couple of words.

Thanks for the feedback Randell. I’m just wondering what browser are you using, cause I don’t know if I can duplicate what you’re seeing in my Chrome. Are you referring to the state of the card when they are flipped that you can’t see the text? The card is supposed to flip over once the mouse is over the card and then when clicked on the card the appropriate section should come into view.

I am using latest version of Chrome on Window 8.1. I will see if I can create a video of what I am seeing, so you can better understand what I mean.

See how when the tile flips, the white text is only visible for a moment and then disappears when mouse is held over the tile. I would have thought the text should not disappear as long as I held the mouse over the tile after it flips.

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Thanks for the effort in creating that video, helps a lot!! But WOW! Hahaha, I have never seen that happen before. Well, that’s not good to make an impression. I wonder why it just disappears. The text should just stay on the screen once the tile is flipped over. Hmmm. That’s very useful to know, so I’ll have to see what’s causing that. It may be something with the stacking context of the tile once it is flipped over.
Thanks again.